Gretchen Ho responds to netizen ‘feeling sad’ for her after ex-BF Robi Domingo’s wedding


News anchor Gretchen Ho cleared up netizens’ speculations that her recent Instagram story was supposedly about her ex-boyfriend Robi Domingo’s wedding day.

On X, user alter_sorsogon reposted a short video of Robi’s wedding with his non-showbiz partner, Maiqui Pineda.

In the caption, the user mentioned Ho, which read, “Tara shot @gretchenho”

Another user commented on the repost, mentioning the reporter’s recent IG story that shared a certain quote about “right timing” and “trusting oneself” from American journalist Amber Lyon.

The quote read, “Things don’t come to us once we are ready, they tend to arrive early. Right when we are not sure of our capacity to fulfill them. And that’s the acceptance of the challenge. The ability to trust ourselves to figure it out as we go. To navigate new waters and learn along the way.”

Both users expressed their “sadness” for Gretchen after assuming that the quote was for Robi.

She then responded on the thread to clarify the meaning of her post.

“Hi, sorry, couldn’t help but clear this up. My post on my IG stories was about some career realizations,” Gretchen explained.

She added, “I was off-grid for most of the day (camping) so I didn’t really know.”

As seen in her recent IG stories, Gretchen can be seen enjoying her “first camping experience” with her family in Tanay, Rizal.

The former volleyball star didn’t forget to congratulate Robi on his big day, while also mentioning that she maintains a good relationship with the couple, “Re: wedding, I am very and completely happy for Robi and Maiqui! 😊 We are good friends! 🤍”

Gretchen and Robi both confirmed their split in a joint statement in March 2017. The ex-couple started dating back in 2012.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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