Bea Alonzo shares dating advice: ‘Never chase, just attract’


Aktres na si Bea Alonzo, nag-share ng ilang dating advice sa isang panayam ng Cosmopolitan Philippines.

Sa naturang interview ay sinagot ni Bea ang ilang mga most commonly asked questions by netizens.

“My boyfriend and I broke up after being together for 7 years. It’s hard to trust again and to get yourself out there after being in a long-term relationship. How do I go back to the dating scene?” saad ng isang netizen sa naturang tanong.

Ayon kay Bea, naniniwala umano siya sa kasabihang “never chase.”

“Alam mo, I watched an interview of Kendall Jenner and I like what she said. Sabi niya, ‘Never chase, just attract’ you know. Sometimes kasi, hindi binibigay sa’tin ni Lord ‘yung partner. It’s because you’re not ready. You have to be whole, you have to be happy on your own first before you could meet a person you can share that happiness with. So, never chase,” sagot ng aktres.

Kasabay nito, natanong din ng isang netizen kay Bea ang patungkol sa pagbibigay ng second chances.

“I like this guy but he dated my friend two years ago. They didn’t end in good terms. He cheated. Now, he tells me that he’s already a changed man. Is the relationship worth pursuing? How do I bring this up to my friend?” tanong ng isang netizen.

Wika ng aktres, naniniwala umano siya sa second chances.

“For me kasi, I believe in second chances but I know that it will be hard because well, I’ve been there. And for me, it’s easy to forgive but it’s really hard to forget. And mahirap to rebuild the relationship that you had because it will never go back the way it was before after the cheating, after all those you know, yung mga consequences of his actions,” pahayag ng aktres.

“Like it’s harder for you to trust him again, and to respect the relationship kasi he didn’t respect it in the first place. And so, I think you have to reassess the situation because I feel like you deserve more, and you deserve better,” payo pa nito. 

“But again if you love him, syempre love always wins,” dagdag pa niya.

Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona is a chronically-online content producer. She loves vibing to feel good K-pop songs.