Yassi Pressman addresses Tulfo complaint from Grab driver over minor car accident


A Grab driver reported Black Rider star Yassi Pressman to Sen. Raffy Tulfo’s public service program after being involved in a collision with the actress’s driver.

In an episode of Tulfo’s program, Raffy Tulfo In Action, the driver, Raymart Guinto, complained that Yassi’s Jeep Cherokee collided with his car in BGC on November 21.

According to Guinto, Yassi’s driver promised to arrange for the repair of his car. However, after 11 days, the car still hadn’t been fixed, causing Guinto to lose his income.

Guinto claimed that he couldn’t contact Yassi’s driver, who he later found out had been removed from his job by the actress.

The damages to Guinto’s car amounted to over P48,000, a cost he couldn’t afford, leading him to seek help from the senator’s well-known program.

The Grab driver became emotional as he admitted his financial struggles, worsened by his inability to repair and use his car which appeared to lack comprehensive insurance.

Tulfo assured Guinto that he would immediately give him the estimated amount of P25,000 income he lost during his wait for Yassi’s contact to fix his car.

After about 15 minutes, Yassi contacted Tulfo and was able to speak to the Grab driver.

In a calm demeanor, Yassi apologized to the driver, clarifying that she was not in the vehicle when the incident occurred and had been waiting for the repair quote.

“Syempre ko-cover po namin ‘yan, wala po kasi ako sa sasakyan nung nangyari ‘yun ‘di ba,” the actress affirmed.

She also confirmed that the driver who had a collision with Guinto did not work for her anymore, not because of the accident but for another reason.

When Tulfo mentioned that Yassi needed to pay around P71,000 to be able to cover the damages to the car and the days the Grab driver lost his income, the actress then offered to pay P100,000 instead, which she added as an early Christmas gift to both him and his family.

Yassi also thanked Sen. Tulfo for reaching out to her about the issue as she did not have any means to contact him.

After the program, a staff member of Tulfo accompanied the Grab driver to meet Yassi and personally receive the compensation. The relieved Grab driver expressed his gratitude to both Yassi and Sen. Tulfo.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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