James Reid clarifies why he ‘unfollowed’ girlfriend Issa Pressman on Instagram


Singer-model James Reid cleared the air on the recent social media issue involving him and his girlfriend Issa Pressman.

The couple recently made headlines after netizens noticed that they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Both followed each other again shortly.

James clarified the news in an interview with GMA Network, saying they were only testing out the platform’s blocking function.

“I was actually… do you ever have that thing where suddenly you’re unfollowing someone? Then, she told me that if someone blocks you and unblocks you, you won’t know. Automatically, you’re unfollowing… I tried it,” he explained.

While trying to see the interaction, the couple forgot to follow back each other, resulting in controversy and intrigue among social media users.

“My team was calling me, ‘What happened? What happened?’ I said, ‘Why?’ ‘It’s all over the news.’ I’m like, ‘What is?’,” James recalled the aftermath.

The singer expressed his amazement with eagle-eyed netizens who noticed their following statuses.

“I wondered, how did they know that I went down one follower? I’m impressed at how the fans are really, you know, they stay updated with everything,” he said.

On the other hand, James also addressed speculations about his relationship with Issa, saying they were “not true”. He also regarded his girlfriend as the “majority” of his happiness at the moment.

“Everything’s been going on really well,” James said.

Issa and James went public with their relationship after posting cozy snaps of them attending Harry Styles’ concert at the Philippine Arena in March. 

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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