Vice Ganda reflects on current comedy landscape: ‘Grabe ‘yung hirap magpatawa ngayon’


It’s Showtime mainstay Vice Ganda got candid with his opinions about the struggles of being a comedian in the present day.

The comedian aired his reflections on their noontime show’s Monday episode, where his fellow hosts, Vhong Navarro, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz paid tribute to late comedians in their “Magpasikat” performance.

“Dati nung panahon nila, mahirap nang magpatawa no’n. Pero grabe ‘yung hirap magpatawa ngayon,” Vice began.

“Minsan ‘pag nanonood ako ng mga lumang comedy, sasabihin ko ‘Nakakatawa ‘yan ano? Pa’no ‘pag sinabi ko ngayon ‘yan, anong mangyayari sa’kin? Pa’no ‘pag ginawa ko ngayon ‘yan, anong mangyayari sa’kin?’” he pondered on making jokes nowadays.

Vice expressed that he finds joy in bringing happiness to others but also pointed out the challenges of crafting humor in the current comedy landscape.

“Ang sarap magpasaya ng mga Pilipino pero lately, ang hirap niyo ding pasayahin. Konting kibot, konting utot ‘di ba, merong panget na reaksyon,” he said.

“Ang hirap-hirap magpatawa ngayon kaya nakakatuwa na makita ‘yung maraming litrato nung komedyante. Sabi ko ‘Ang sarap oh, andami ng komedyante.’” Vice described how he felt about seeing the tribute for famous Pinoy comedians.

The comedian lamented on envisioning a world with fewer comedians, noting that there is a greater need for comedy than ever.

“Sana dumami pa ‘yung komedyante kahit ang hirap-hirap nang magpatawa. I cannot see the world right now na nakikita kong pakonti nang pakonti ‘yung komedyante kaysa sa parami nang parami. Kasi in reality, mas kailangan natin ng komedya sa ngayon eh,” explained Vice.

He continued, “Nahihirapan ‘yung komedyang ibigay ‘yung gusto nila dahil ang hirap magpasaya. Dahil andami-dami nang pinaniniwalan ng mga tao ngayon and that is the sad reality.”

It can be recalled that It’s Showtime was previously suspended from airing for 12 days after the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) claimed to receive complaints about the hosts’ “indecent behavior”.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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