Miss Grand International founder says it was difficult to work with ‘unprofessional’ PH bet Nikki De Moura


Miss Grand International founder Nawat Itsaragrisil revealed his own accounts regarding Philippine representative Nikki De Moura’s supposed “unprofessional” and “impolite” behavior, following the criticisms he received after her failure to enter the pageant’s Top 20.

Several Filipino pageant enthusiasts called out Nawat alleging his bias towards the Philippines which has yet to secure a title in 11 years since its establishment.

A portion of Itsaragrisil’s TikTok live circulated among pageant platforms where he recounted the PH bet’s behavior towards some candidates and the pageant staff.

According to Nawat, Nikki allegedly walked out and went backstage immediately after the announcement of the Top 20.

He pointed out that they “invested a lot of money to make a good show” and that it took them numerous rehearsals that were “paid a lot” but the PH delegate allegedly “wanted to skip” and said that she “did not care for anyone”.

Nawat also claimed that Nikki was “impolite” towards other people.

“She was not polite to everyone around her, to run out, not going on the stage. The director, he [came] from front side to backstage, [agreed] with her, [took] her back immediately,” he said.

“Yes, this is the real story. You can see her after Top 20 on the stage? Did you see her, if you see her? I give you 1 million US dollars, it [is] difficult to work with her. It’s very difficult to cooperate, every day until the end of [the] day. She did what she [wanted],” the organizer stressed.

The Miss Grand International 2023 took place on October 25 in Vietnam, where the reigning MGI 2022, Isabella Menin from Brazil, passed on the crown to the new titleholder for this year, Peru bet Luciana Fuster, marking the country’s second feat.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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