Jake Cuenca says Chie Filomeno is his TOTGA


Hunk actor Jake Cuenca is here to prove that love is sweeter the second time around with Chie Filomeno whom he considers as his TOTGA or “the one that got away”.

In an interview with the entertainment press lat Sept.23, the 35-year-old actor recounted his past with the 27-year-old former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and GirlTrends member and how they rekindled their connection.

“In so many ways, she’s kinda like the one that got away from me… Kasi we dated na before eh. A long time ago,” Jake said.

According to the The Iron Heart star, he had met Chie when she was only beginning her showbiz career when their blossoming romance took a pause.

“She was in Showtime already, she was already dancing in Showtime. But then parang nahinto lang the first time eh,” he shared.

He added, “So parang for me, given you know, the second time around parang I don’t wanna let her go.”

Jake shared that he was the one who took the courage to approach Chie when they met again at the Star Magic Christmas Ball last November 2022. He likened their reconnection to a scene from a movie.

“I went up to her, naglakas-loob ako. It was the Christmas Ball of Star Magic. It was not the plan, it’s biglaan talaga,” he recalled.

Jake pointed out that while his initial reason for attending the event was to pay respect to his bosses, it was Chie who made him stay at the venue.

“I saw her so I stayed. It felt like it something from a movie,” he described his smitten encounter with the actress.

Jake also expressed his excitement to attend his next ABS-CBN ball this September for the same reason then.

“I’m excited for it, that’s for sure. I am certainly… I’m only going for one person really. I am only attending this thing for one person,” he said.

He added, “I am happy for ABS, we have that Ball again. We haven’t seen each other, everyone’s gonna get to socialize. But for me, I only really have one reason to go.”

It has been a year since Jake had broken up with beauty queen Kylie Versoza.

Last August, Chie confirmed in an ABS-CBN interview that she is currently on the dating stage with Jake and is taking their time.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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