BTS Jungkook smoking in LA draws mixed reactions from netizens and ARMYs


Member of K-pop supergroup BTS Jungkook was caught supposedly smoking in Los Angeles, leaving netizens and fans divided.

As per K-entertainment news outlet AllKpop’s report, American gossip website Lainey Gossip published leaked photos of Jungkook taking a smoke break outside a restaurant in LA which were said to be taken by celebrity news agency BACKGRID.

One online user @Millie6181 also uploaded a video of the BTS’s youngest member in the act of smoking.

Three SUVs and two minibuses were also spotted at the scene which were used to transport the artist and his large team to Matsuhisa, a popular restaurant where Hollywood celebrities are often seen and photographed by paparazzi.

Speculations rose on why Jungkook was in LA, hinting a possibility that he could be gearing up for MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey where his hit song Seven was nominated for Song of the Summer.

This left netizens and ARMYs (BTS fans) expressing their mixed reactions online where some criticized Jungkook’s act of smoking as a “bad influence” and “unhealthy habit”, while others defended him and asked to respect his decision and privacy, while also praising his good looks.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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