‘Borahae, Jean’: K-pop fans mourn death of well-known BTS fanpage’s admin


Fans of K-pop kings BTS are mourning the loss of one of the boy band’s most dedicated members, Jean, better known by her BTS-dedicated fan page on X, @BTSMerchUpdates.

A fellow fan announced the sad news on X, stating that Jean had passed away on May 18, 2024, after a courageous battle with cancer.

The X user described Jean as a “pillar” of the community of fans of the well-loved K-pop group popularly known as “ARMY”.

“Jean was a pillar of our community. She had been an ARMY since 2016, loved BTS with all her heart, and was dedicated to keeping our community informed,” the post read.

The fan paid tribute to the late Army’s unwavering love for BTS and commitment to tracking and updating fans on the septet group, often going to extraordinary lengths to ensure everyone was up-to-date.

True enough, Jean’s last moments included an update on the boys’ latest merchandise which she shared on her X page a day before her passing.

“Those of us who were lucky to know Jean personally saw her dedication and drive for this community first-hand. Tweeting about merch from a rollercoaster, staying up all night to watch for restocks, searching multiple sites to ensure she could answer our crazy questions,” the fan recalled.

They added, “Jean always prioritized the boys and ARMY, ready for every comeback, release, and drop. She touched so many lives, in small and big ways. Twitter feels quiet, empty in so many ways, without her here.”

“Rest in Peace” trended on X as ARMY flooded the platform with their condolences for their fellow supporter.

To honor Jean’s memory, her friends and followers are encouraged to continue supporting BTS and their music, just as she would have wanted.

Suggestions for honoring Jean include buying an extra album for a friend, donating to fan accounts, or adding her favorite song, “Spring Day,” to your playlist.

The community has come together in a collective expression of love and gratitude, signing off with a heartfelt message: “Borahae Jean, with love forever 💜.”

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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