Pastor receives subpoena for alleged involvement in the death of Mr. CDO 2023 candidate


Pastor Dimver Andales has reportedly received a subpoena after being linked to the murder case of Mister Cagayan De Oro 2023 candidate Adrian Fornillos.

In a report by the regional radio program iFM CDO, Andales was given 10 days to respond to the subpoena alleging his involvement with the shooting of the male pageant bet.

Fornillos was reportedly shot by an unidentified gunman on the evening of May 9, 2023. Through months of investigation, police found that a “crime of passion” could pass as a possible motive for the murder.

Crime of passion? Pastor denies involvement in death of Mr. CDO 2023 candidate

At the time, the local online community took the liberty to “investigate” the case by gathering theories and “pieces of evidence” from unknown sources that alluded to a love triangle between Adriane, his girlfriend Jone Leanel Orog, and Pastor Andales.

This led to his name being dragged into the case which prompted the religious leader to face the accusations through an interview with iFM CDO where he strongly denied his involvement with the couple.

Andales also dismissed speculations saying he was the “sugar daddy” of Adriane’s girlfriend, saying they were “baseless” and that his legal team would press charges against those spreading the rumors.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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