Crime of passion? Pastor denies involvement in death of Mr. CDO 2023 candidate


More than three months have passed since the killing of 23-year-old Adriane Rovic Fornillos, and his murderers are still at large. 

Adriane was reportedly shot in the back of his head at close range by an unidentified gunman on the night of May 9, 2023. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead the following day. 

In the initial investigation of the Cagayan de Oro Police Office (COCPO), they suspected not just one but three persons of interest connected to the crime, according to a report by GMA Regional TV One Mindanao.

They also stated that it could also be related to Adriane’s pageantry activities, as he was said to be preparing to compete as a candidate for Mister Cagayan de Oro (CDO) 2023 at the time. 

It took weeks before his case saw development from another angle.

In another report by GMA’s One Mindanao, the police presented “crime passion or obsession” as a possible motive for the shooting.

COCPO Spokesperson Lt. Col. Evan Viñas stated, “As per statement ng station commander at investigation, this is a crime of passion o obsession. Nagawa ng suspect ang krimen dahil obsessed siya, at ayaw niya mapunta sa ibang tao ang babae.”

Meanwhile, the local online community seemed to be on an investigation of its own presenting theories and “pieces of evidence” gathered from different sources that supposedly involved Adriane, his girlfriend Jone Leanel Orog, and Pastor Dimver Andales.

Compilations of conversations allegedly retrieved from the victim’s phone also circulated on social media. 

The messages alleged of a relationship between Jone and the pastor, who is supposedly her “sugar daddy”.

The pastor allegedly showered Adriane’s girlfriend with lavish gifts, including a luxury bag worth P24,000. 

It also alleged that the fallout of Pastor Dimver and Jone’s relationship was because of his jealousy towards her boyfriend which then allegedly led to the murder of Adriane. 

These, however, left out the identity of the source of the “leaked conversations,” which only raised questions on its credibility.   

The pastor was seen attending the funeral of Adriane on May 25. 

During the graduation ceremony of Liceo de Cagayan University last July 25, photos showed Adriane and Jone were supposed to graduate at the same time.

Jone paid tribute to her late boyfriend by having his life-size standee wear a toga that she also brought to his grave. 

“And finally, graduate nata mahal!! The Adriane I knew back in 2019 is nothing compared to who you are now, and I will always be proud of what you have become,” Jone penned to Adriane in a Facebook post.

“Then you died, and a huge part of me died with you. No one was prepared for your passing, mahal, but I believe God knew you were already the best version of yourself and that you’re ready to return to your rightful home, where you will find unconditional love and happiness,” she said, expressing her grief. 

On August 12, the accused pastor turned up to the regional radio station iFM CDO to strongly deny the allegations against him. 

“Ang mga allegations against me hindi totoo,” Pastor Andales told iFM CDO.

According to him, he only knew Adriane as a resident of Lapasan. He denied being a “sugar daddy” and said that he regarded Jone as a “common friend”. 

Pastor Andales admitted that the online accusations have reached him and dismissed them as untrustworthy and baseless. He added that his legal team will press charges against those spreading the rumors.  

“Sasabihin ko lang sa lahat, evaluate properly. Kilala niyo naman ako. Alam niyo kung sino ako. Kasi ang lahat ng ito, chismis lang ito, paninira sa pangalan ko,” he reiterated at the end of the interview. 

Adriane’s family and loved ones are still seeking to bring his untimely death to justice. 

As of writing, Jone has yet to comment on the accusations linking her to her late boyfriend’s murder.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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