Maureen Wroblewitz opens up about overcoming mental health struggles at a young age


Trigger warning: This article contains mentions of depression and attempted suicide.

Beauty queen-model Maureen Wroblewitz shared how she overcame struggles with her mental health when she was a teen.

In time for Suicide Prevention Month, Maureen took to social media to express her advocacy for mental health awareness with her own story recalling her battle with mental health issues in the past.

In a lengthy, emotional post, the model bared a vulnerable moment in her life where she thought about taking her own life at the age of 13.

“This girl that you see smiling and posing in front of the camera was thinking of all the easiest ways to end her life just a few months prior. If it wasn’t for her little sister finding her in a vulnerable situation and telling her parents about it, I don’t know if I would be here today,” Maureen described a photo of her she recently posted online.

“After losing my Mom at the age of 11 and experiencing more of life’s difficulties soon after, I had slowly started losing faith in myself. I was fighting my inner demons alone because I chose to suffer in silence,” she shared.

“I didn’t want to burden anyone with my problems but I also was too ashamed of them. I knew something was wrong but I wanted to hide that for as long as I could. It wasn’t until one blurry night and suddenly I was exposed,” Maureen said on the reason why she kept her problems to herself.

Maureen shared how her parents supported her through her journey with the help of therapy and an inspirational book by an Australian preacher and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic titled “Life Without Limits”.

“That is what ultimately inspired me to change my outlook on life. Nick’s story had made me realize that at just 13, I hadn’t even seen the world yet,” she said.

Maureen contemplated about her future at the time, “I didn’t know what was yet to happen, and I thought What if I do become someone in this lifetime?” ‘What if I get to inspire people with my story?” What if I’m meant for something bigger?'”

She then arrived at a conclusion with a change of heart. “From then on, I knew I had to make my dreams a reality, I knew I couldn’t hide in my darkness forever. I was convinced that telling my story was my purpose and that I had to work hard so I could become someone that I’m proud of.”

With a changed mindset, Maureen discovered her passion for fashion.

“Just that change of mindset opened a lot of doors for me. I started my fashion blog a few months later and even though I kept it a secret from people in my school out of fear of being judged, I shared about my life and my love for fashion,” she said.

Maureen shared how she braved opening up about her mental health struggles in hopes of helping others who are facing their own problems.

“I have always wanted to share more about my mental health struggles but I never knew how. I now understand that the best way is to just do it, to speak my truth and people will listen. I believe that even if I get to help just one person by sharing my story, I have done something right,” she wrote about finding a purpose to share her story.

While Maureen is still facing a constant battle with depression, what is different than before is that she is no longer afraid to ask others’ help. She shared that still undergoes therapy every month with the support of her family and boyfriend.

“I am grateful for all the people in my life who love and care for me. I wouldn’t be here without them.. literally,” she thanked her loved ones for saving her life.

She also expressed her gratitude to her supporters for making her dreams possible.

“I’m glad I didn’t give up on myself. I now know that I am truly meant for something bigger,” Maureen said.

Maureen was hailed the grand winner of Asia’s Next Top Model in 2017 and placed first runner-up in Miss Universe Philippines in 2021.

If you think you or someone you know is considering self-harm or suicide, you may call the National Mental Health Crisis Hotline at 1553 (Luzon-wide, landline toll-free), 0966-351-4518 or 0917-899-USAP (8727) for Globe/TM users, or 0908-639-2672 for Smart users.

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