‘A’TIN ang tagumpay!’: SB19’s A’TIN fandom wins 2023 Billboard Fan Army Face-off


P-pop boy group SB19 emerged as the winner of the 2023 Billboard Fan Army Face-Off thanks to A’TIN on Tuesday, August 8.

American music magazine Billboard recently concluded its annual Fan Army showdown with the announcement of its winner, SB19, as a result of their fans’ efforts which brought 51.1% votes, versus the 48.9% K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN’s CARATS garnered.

Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off saw a rally of 64 fandoms who competed for the recognition as the strongest fanbase.

The fan war kicked off on July 5 and lasted for weeks with eight fan groups, which were called the “Elite Eight” made up of the fans of Cardi B, EXO, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, SB19, SEVENTEEN, Shakira, and TWICE, entered the battle until two groups emerged victorious to move to the grand finals.

After millions of votes on both sides during the Finals, SB19’s A’TIN emerged as the top fan army of 2023.

In Billboard’s video announcement on its social media pages, SB19 thanked ATINs for their love and support.

“We really appreciate all of your efforts,” Stell began.

To which the other members continued, “Dahil lahat ng ito ay para sa A’Tin!”

“You’ve once again proven the power that you hold. Maraming salamat!” the members wrote in a quote-retweet.

Last year’s winner of the Billboard Fan Army Face-Off was STAY, fans of K-pop boy group Stray Kids. Past victors include Super Junior’s E.L.F which won twice, T-ara’s Queens which won thrice, and BIGBANG’s VIPs.

SB19, consisting of five members Pablo, Stell, Ken, Justin, and Josh, made their debut in 2018. They are known for hit-after-hit tracks including Go Up!, WYAT, MAPA, Bazinga, and What?.

Their latest song Gento has become a dance craze on TikTok, which was taken on even by K-pop stars Cravity’s Hyeongjun and Taeyoung, 2NE1’s Minzy, and The Boyz’s Jacob.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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