WATCH: Bea Alonzo entertains Pinoy kid’s ambush interview in Singapore


This little boy had just scored a one-on-one interview with the one and only Bea Alonzo!

A TikTok video uploaded by online user @humptydump shared her little brother’s surprising and sweet encounter with the Filipina actress at a food court in Singapore. 

“My brother just sent me this video and said he met someone on their trip to Singapore,” the uploader wrote in the video.  

The little boy can be seen talking to his camera in Bisaya, saying that there was an actress at the place named Bea Alonzo. 

“I wonder unsa iyang [saan siya] famous,” the child said as he walked up to Bea’s table. 

“Excuse me, what are you famous of?” he started. 

The 35-year-old celebrity casually answered, “I’m a movie actress, so maybe that’s it.”

He went on to ask more questions such as her favorite food and country, and what she thought about Singapore, which Bea answered with no hesitation.

When asked about her business in the country, the showbiz personality said, “Because we’re celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday.” 

Near the end of the clip, Bea’s fiance Dominic Roque was seen proceeding to sit beside her.

The video ended when someone who appeared to be a relative of the young boy came over to stop the interview and apologized to Bea.  

The creator said in the comments: “Di alam ng mom ko nawala kapatid ko kasi bumibili daw sila pagkain sa harap, tapos nakita nalang nila na ininterview na pala si Bea.”

“Kaya lumapit yung pinsan at tita ko sa kanila nag sorry tapos umalis.”

Nevertheless, the uploader expressed her envy towards her family who unexpectedly encountered Bea, “To this day, I still regret why I [didn’t] come w[ith] the[m],”

As of writing, the TikTok video has garnered more than 3 million views and has left netizens amused by the adorable interaction.

“Casually interviewing Bea Alonzo for free HAHAHA CUTE,” a TikTok user commented.

“Yung wala kana sa airport pero may immigration padin pala ??,” a netizen jested.

“Na fast talk bigla si Bea Alonzo,” joked another.  

“Galing niya mag interview. The guts, the confidence, fluent niya sa English. How old na kaya ang batang ‘to? Talino,” another one commented.

Meanwhile, others praised Bea for her kind nature and patience in interacting with the curious child, even though she seemed to be having lunch at the time. 

“I love the patience of Bea answering all of his questions,” a TikTok user said.

“alam mo talaga na mabait siya because she’s actually smiling and answering the questions ? hay love u bea,” commented another.

Bea and Dominic flew to Singapore two weeks ago to celebrate their recent engagement and the latter’s birthday.  

The couple got engaged in July of this year after dating for three years. Bea previously mentioned their hopes to tie the knot by 2024. 

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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