‘Until next time’: TikTok Chardie B admits to falling out with Poca


TikTok creators Chardie B and Poca have lost communication and distanced themselves from each other after a falling out, as confirmed by the former in a recent TikTok video.

Poca had earlier addressed speculations on his friendship status with Chardie B last March after fans noticed that the two seemed to have stopped posting content together.

The two became known to fans as the TikTok duo “Pocha” after collaborating on hilarious TikTok content. Pocha hosted TikTok’s Creators Night 2023 and even graced several TV shows together afterwards following their succesful tandem online.


Nawalan nako anda beh

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In the said video, Poca clarified that he and Chardie B didn’t have a fight whatsoever, but rather agreed on taking a break from doing content together to have “space to for us grow separately”.

Poca also told their fans that “we have to stand alone on our own feet individually” as they are also busy with their lives outside of TikTok.



♬ original sound – Poca

On Friday, Chardie B took to the platform to tell fans that he and Poca have indeed lost touch, asking respect over the situation.

“I really would like to think that we are still in good condition, however I would only be lying to you and myself, kasi hindi na po kami nag-uusap,” shared Chardie B.

The TikTok creator continued to explain:”Some things just happened, and the next thing I know, magkaiba na kami ng landas na tinatahak sa buhay.”

While acknowledging that he wasn’t a “perfect friend,” Chardie stressed that his intentions were pure.

“Maybe I was really the problem, maybe I was too much too handle. Pero one thing I can assure you of, my intentions were pure,” he said.

Chardie also expressed his pain over the falling out, saying that he feels “very sad” over the lost connection.

“He was not just a friend. He was my confidante, my ride and die, he was my comfort zone, my partner in crime,” said Chardie.

“He brought out the best in me, and I learned so much from him. I learned so much about me because of him.

“Palagi ko nga sinasabi he was one of the best that ever happened to me and hinding-hindi magbabago ‘yun,” he added, which echoed Poca’s previous remarks about him.

“Pero kasi it is what it is, and sometimes,” Chardie said, taking a deep sigh before continuing, “the path we take requires us to let go of the hand we once held very tightly.”

He added, “And it’s okay. Ganyan talaga. There are just things that we can’t force. And it’s okay to feel sad.”

As he ended the video, the social media personality left a message for his “forever mhie.”

“To my mhie, my forever mhie, we’ve come so far, and I’m so proud of us. I hope we both find happiness and fulfillment in the lives that we are creating even if they no longer intersect with each other.

“I will always be grateful for you and will always remember the incredible friend that you are to me. I love you, always,” said Chardie.


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