EXO’s Xiumin, Aespa’s Karina and ENHYPEN’s Sunoo hop on trending Mini Miss U dance challenge 


Annyeong madlang people mabuhay! 

K-pop stars are joining in the trending “Mini Miss U” dance challenge that originated from a segment of the local noontime show It’s Showtime. 

A video of a member of South Korean boy group EXO, Xiumin, made rounds on social media after a fan made a request for the idol to dance to the children’s song. 

Filipina K-pop fan Phoebe Juayong posted the video of her fan call with Xiumin on her social media accounts where she challenged the EXO member to follow the steps of the Mini Miss U dance. 


pinasayaw ko si xiumin ng minimiss u ksjdjw sorry na lods wala ikaw choice ? #exo #kpopvce

♬ MINI MISS U THEME SONG – It’s Showtime

She shared her story with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital on how she got the artist to dance to the Pinoy trend. 

“While writing the script po for the fancall, the song mini miss u keeps playing in my head and I got an idea na what if pasayawin ko po siya,” Phoebe told PSND.

“Then I asked him po during the call if is it fine for us to do a famous dance challenge in the Philippines, and he’s very willing! Confused pa nga po siya if is it really a dance dahil po ginagaya niya lang ako,” she added.

It seems that Phoebe is on a mission to get more K-idols to ride the local bandwagon. Following EXO, her latest challenger was Karina, the leader of South Korean girl group Aespa.


#aespa karina dancing to mini miss u ? ang cutie please huhu

♬ MINI MISS U THEME SONG – It’s Showtime

The labelmates were adorably game to dance to the steps of the pageant song. As of writing, both of their videos have garnered over 1 million views on TikTok. 

Another fan presented her challenger from the seven-member boy group ENHYPEN. In her fancall video posted on X, Sunoo performed a “cute and freestyle” version of Mini Miss U.

“I asked him if it’s okay to do a tiktok challenge na famous ngayon sa Philippines. Then he agreed naman, he was so attentive watching & copying the steps sa video pinakita ko ?,” the ENHYPEN fan told PSND

“Super happy po kasi I was so nervous talaga to ask. But the outcome was great, after the video we were laughing po kasi natawa sya dun sa steps,” she added. 

It’s Showtime and ABS-CBN’s recording company Star Music have expressed their delight over the Korean pop stars dancing to the Pinoy pageant song.

These were their reactions:

The song “Mini Ms. U” was sung by six-year-old Imogen Cantong for It’s Showtime’s segment with the same title, which is a beauty pageant and talent show for young girls.

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