Pinoy K-pop fan spots Enhypen’s Jungwon, Jake, Seventeen’s Jeonghan while vacationing in Korea


Tila napa-”sana all” na lamang ang karamihan matapos i-share ng netizen na si Juliana Agoncillo na casually niya umanong nakita ang mga ENHYPEN members na sina Jungwon at Jake, at SEVENTEEN member na si Jeonghan habang nagbabakasyon sa South Korea. 

Sa isang exclusive interview sa Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital (PSND), sinabi ni Juliana na nagto-tour sila sa Hybe Building nang makita niya sina Jungwon at Jake.

“Me, my mom, and my brother were touring around entertainment companies [in] Seoul as tourists. We went to SM Entertainment first, followed by Hybe Building. We were taking pictures and videos in front of the building, and shortly after, around 10 minutes in, while I was posing in front, I saw someone who looked familiar from the corner of my eye,” wika niya.

“Turns out it was Jake from Enhypen wearing a mask and a red cap. Jake was with Jungwon as well, and they quickly entered the building, [it seemed like] they were dropped off in front,” dagdag pa niya.


“They were rushing to enter so we did not ask them to stop, and when they entered, Le Sserafim was also inside. Around 10 fans were outside the building but we were all respectful and did not mob them,” saad pa nito.

Ayon pa kay Juliana, maliban kina Jungwon at Jake, nakita niya rin si Jeonghan habang sila’y naghihintay sa labas ng isang restaurant.

@julszzn CALL ME LUCKY I GUESS 😩 im just a girl trying to enjoy my trip in korea THIS WAS NOT ON MY 2024 BINGO CARD 😭 #jeonghan #seventeen ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – SEVENTEEN

“[We] were waiting outside a restaurant which was Jungkook and Jimin’s favorite, which is why we opted to eat there. We were sitting on the steps, and around 1.5 hours in, someone asked us to leave,” kwento niya.

“I was so confused but as I stood up, I saw a group of people coming towards us, some had cameras and some looked like bodyguards. Then, same case as Jake, I saw someone familiar, and I instantly knew it was Jeonghan. They were filming something and I think he was with another actor but I’m not familiar with who he is. What a coincidence that it’s the same restaurant we were about to eat in,” dagdag pa niya.

Aniya, hindi niya umano in-expect na makita ang mga nasabing K-pop idols habang sila’y nagto-tour.

“Same case for the three idols, I was shaking when I saw them and they looked good in person. Jake is my bias in Enhypen so I was more excited to see him, but overall it was so surreal that I got the chance to meet them up close even at a short amount of time,” pahayag nito.

“This trip was my advance graduation gift and I initially went to attend Weverse Con Festival for TXT and other artists, but this was a bonus!” pagpapatuloy pa niya.

Kaugnay nito, inulan naman ng iba’t ibang hirit mula sa mga netizens ang nasabing post ni Juliana.

“Girl be winning in life for real for real,” hirit naman ng isa.

Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona is a chronically-online content producer. She loves vibing to feel good K-pop songs.