Kira Balinger denies ‘third party’ accusations in Kelvin Miranda issue


Kira Balinger firmly denied causing the end of Kelvin Miranda’s relationship with his commercial model ex-girlfriend Roselle Vytiaco. 

Back in January, Kira faced “third party” accusations after Roselle exposed Kelvin’s alleged infidelity by sharing screenshots of his conversations with the actress through Instagram stories. 

Kelvin and Kira apparently developed a bond during lock-in tapings for their upcoming romance drama film.

The co-stars did not address the allegations at the time but unfollowed each other on the platform.

In a recent interview with PEP, Kira finally addressed cheating rumors, stressing that she was not the reason behind the ex-couple’s breakup. 

“Hindi po ako third [party]. Kung ano man po ‘yung naging usapang dalawa ng ex niya, wala na po ako ‘dun, out na po ako ‘doon. If there’s somebody that ate girl should talk to, it should be him.”

She added, “Pero ako, from a woman to another woman, I understand that pain. But from my point of view, wala po akong alam, and I’m confident to say na hindi ako kabit like gaya ng sinabi ng lahat.”

Dismissing speculations that she and Kelvin dated, Kira admitted her mistake over entertaining the actor whom she said she had no idea was already in a relationship. 

“On my side, may mali ako. To be fair, hindi kami. Chats lang ‘yun! Those were just chats, ‘ni minsan hindi kami lumabas together,” said Kira, explaining that they were always with their personal assistants during lock-in tapings. 

Kira also shared that she received an apology from Kelvin, saying she felt it was “unfair”  to be dragged into the breakup controversy.  

“I did not break them up and I’m very confident to say that,” Kira reiterated. 

“I do not steal men, I do not run after them, they come to me. It was my mistake, I entertained one too many, and I am sorry for that and I am making up for it. I took accountability for my actions.

“Lahat naman kami may mali, sabit ng konti. Pero I’ve learned my lesson. Definitely! I’ve learned my lesson so I hope sila rin,” she stated. 

Kira said she and Kelvin still have a lot of promotions to do but would like to focus on work moving forward.

“There was friendship before anything else before those silly chats, but trust is a big thing,” she said. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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