Wil Dasovich teases followers with ‘soft launch’ after ex Alodia Gosiengfiao’s wedding


Wil Dasovich got fans intrigued after teasing about having a “soft launch” on Instagram following his ex-girlfriend Alodia Gosiengfiao’s wedding to Christopher Quimbo. 

In an Instagram story Valentine’s Day, February 14, the the Youtube vlogger shared cryptic posts of him at a technology company event surrounded by companions whose faces were covered by emojis, letting his followers guess who among them was his Valentine’s date. 

Wil, in his next stories, posted a snap of him holding someone’s hand and wrote the words “soft launch” and “labyu”, while other photos showed him in an embrace with someone whom he doodled on to cover the identity.

“Valentines reveal on my feed mamaya,” said Wil.

He later did the Valentine’s reveal, sharing photos of him together with his mom.

“Valentine reveal! My forever Valentines (tongue out emoji). Mudra never fails when you need her the most,” Wil wrote as caption.

Fans then shared reaction after getting tricked into Wil’s Valentine date reveal.

Some of the comments read were “Got catfished and I’m all for it” and “Haha! You got me Wil! Si mudragis pala.”

Others ,meanwhile, humored the Youtuber about thinking he attended his ex-girlfriend Alodia’s wedding which took place on the same day. 

“Akala ko galing kang wedding ni charezzz”. 

“Sa porma mong yan, akala ko tuloy dumalo ka din sa kasal Tsong”.

After his breakup with Alodia in 2021, Wil was romantically linked to actress Carla Humphries. The latter, however, clarified in a vlog that they are just best friends.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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