‘My parents are my heroes’: Robi Domingo shares proud moment with physician mom 


Robi Domingo couldn’t help but share how proud he is of his mother after an incident that happened during their afternoon date.

The television host shared his mom immediately tended to an employee who suffered minor burns after a small flame emerged from the restaurant’s kitchen.  

“I told them that just in case, my date is a physician and she can offer her expertise. The manager asked for my mama’s help and she immediately stopped eating her red velvet, rushing to see the injured employee.  

“That moment made me proud as I told the universe, ‘Mama ko yan,’” he wrote on an Instagram post.  

Robi’s mom did not only treat to employee, but she also gave them a consultation for their injury.  

He ended: “This is one of the million reasons why I can truly say my parents are my heroes.” 

Under his post, fans couldn’t help but gush over Robi’s “wonder mom” at work.  

“And to add to their being super heroes, they are great mentors. I am one of them who learned a lot from your Dad, his fave line is ‘Make it simple, don’t make things complicated,” a fan responded.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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