WATCH: Solenn Heussaff captures heartwarming moment between husband Nico Bolzico, daughter Thylane


Solenn Heussaff is one happy mom as she shared this heartwarming sight of her daughter Thylane Katana and her husband Nico Bolzico conversing in Spanish. 

The actress-host took to social media to share a clip of the two’s bonding moment.  

“My heart melts everytime she speaks spanish,” she wrote in the caption.  

Back when Thylane was still a year old, the celebrity mom revealed she’s introducing her daughter to multiple languages such as French and Spanish.  

On her Instagram stories in 2021, Solenn shared her daughter is learning the two languages from her and her Argentine husband.  

As for Tagalog and English, Solenn said: “She hears English everyday with everyone so she will learn it fast. She hears Tagalog everyday at home and with family, so it will naturally come just like English.” 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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