Netizens turn Zeinab Harake issue into meme parade 


You can count on Pinoys to turn any issue into a meme-worthy one. 

On Sunday night, netizens were stormed with details of Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake’s public confrontation. 

The talent manager and vlogger’s “revelation” video on social media came after the YouTube star’s cryptic posts, which alluded that someone has been using influencer talents for their own fame. 

In the video, he exposed his conversations with his “mentor” Zeinab who was allegedly slandering her fellow local influencers.

He mentioned: “Pinagkakitaan ni Zeb si [Herlene] Hipon. Just imagine kung gusto mo talagang tumulong kay Hipon dapat kinollab mo, pero ang sabi mo sa akin hindi mo siya i-ko-collab dahil mga Zebbies mo lilipat kasi magaling si Hipon.”

Wilbert claimed Zeinab told him the influencers he had collaborations with were “trash.”

Based on the screenshots he shared, Zeinab supposedly spoke bad about personalities such as Alex Gonzaga, Ivana Alawi, Robi Domingo, Jelai Andres and Toni Fowler. 

Prior to his exposé video, Zeinab has been sharing cryptic posts about people she thought were on her side but ended up being against her. 

“Ganun talaga may mga taong dadating sa buhay mo tapos malalaman mo na lang sa dulo na lahat sila ginagago ka ng wala kang kaalam alam,” she wrote. 

Zeinab has already responded to her former friend’s video, apologizing to the personalities who were mentioned. 

After the two’s exchange, netizens couldn’t help but post their reactions to the influencer cat fight. 

Check out how these netizens lightened up the issue: 

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Rossane Ramos
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