Zeinab Harake addresses criticism over partner Ray Parks Jr.’s gesture of kissing her daughter


By Lance Joseph Martinez

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. and his girlfriend Zeinab Harake admitted they were affected by the controversy over the B. League player giving the vlogger’s daughter a kiss in public.

In their interview on Toni Talks, the couple shared their feelings about the recent issue involving Ray kissing Bia, Zeinab’s daughter with rapper Skusta Clee.

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Zeinab explained that Bia is a very affectionate child who kisses everyone in the family, including Ray, her current partner. However, when netizens saw this, they interpreted it differently.

The couple faced some online backlash, with many criticizing Zeinab for allegedly not protecting her daughter. The continuous negative articles about the incident prompted Zeinab to discuss the matter with Ray.

“Naging masamang nanay ako bigla,” Zeinab stated. The controversy put a strain on their relationship, leading Zeinab to ask Ray to refrain from kissing Bia publicly. “Daddy, lie low na muna ‘yung pagki-kiss.”

The couple recounted an instance where Bia wanted to kiss Ray, but they stopped it, causing the child to cry from feeling rejected.

Ray acknowledged that many people want to protect Bia but noted that the controversy has also hurt their family. “Pamilya na kaming nasasaktan,” Zeinab mentioned.

Ray expressed sympathy for the public who might have had similar experiences but emphasized that their situation is different. 

Zeinab added, “Hindi naman ipapakita sa public kung may ganoong malisya or intention.”

“Si Bia talaga malambing ‘yan, lahat kini-kiss niya,” Zeinab concluded.

Meanwhile, netizens have shown support for the couple. 

One fan commented, “Grabe! Admirable naman pala itong si Ray…! Hoping sila na nga forever sa isa’t isa.”

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