Cristine Reyes opens up on health concern causing her ‘excruciating’ pain 


Cristine Reyes spoke candidly about an injury that has been causing her “excruciating lower back pain.”  

The actress took to social media to share her experience, along with a video of her exercising her back.  

“I have had 2 orthopedic surgeons check my lumbar MRI last week and a third opinion early this morning from an arthroscopic surgeon. I’ve been experiencing excruciating lower back pain,” she wrote. 

Cristine shared that all three surgeons she consulted diagnosed her with a “mild disc bulge” on her lower back.  

In the video she shared, the 33-year-old featured a clip of her accidentally hitting her back on the floor while working out.  

She added: “I will be expecting a massive muscle spasm later due to that classic fall I recorded just now, apparently I have a mild disc bulge in my lumbar.” 

The Maid in Malacañang star assured her fans on Instagram  

Under her post, Cristine’s celebrity friends and fans wished her a speedy recovery.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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