Catriona Gray shares adorable snaps with Sam Milby, explains why she’s been ‘missing in action’


Catriona Gray dropped the cutest snap of her and Sam Milby as a cute gift for her fans for being “missing in action” on social media.

The Miss Universe 2018 explained her absence on social media with the big life events she has been busy with.

Catriona shared she’s in the process of moving houses and spending quality time with her parents before they fly back home to Australia.

“Our babies had their first shoot today. Alsooo sorry I’ve been MIA on the feed guys I’m currently moving house and it’s my parents last week going back to Aus so lots of packing and quality time before they go,” she wrote.

Just a week ago, Catriona shared a snap of her and another explanation why she hasn’t been posting on social media.

She said: “Been MIA the last couple days cause I’ve been really ill.”

It was back in August when Catriona first shared her father is home with her in the Philippines.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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