Catriona Gray: ‘Every moment with family feels like such a gift’


Catriona Gray couldn’t help but feel grateful that she’s finally celebrating the holidays with her family in Australia.

The pageant queen took to social media to open up on how happy she is to celebrate with her mother and father, especially after his hospitalization earlier this year.

“It seems I’ve taken time for granted, always talking about ‘next time’, the ‘next christmas’… like it was guaranteed.

“But earlier this year when my papa was in the hospital, I felt like I had run out of time. So being at home with them, dancing in our chairs to Elvis, giggling over a glass of wine and taking our evening wallks… every moment feels like such a gift,” she wrote.

Based on her recent social media posts, it seems her longtime boyfriend Sam Milby spent this year’s festivities with her family in Australia.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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