‘My life is complete’: Kitkat gives birth to baby girl  


Comedienne-singer Kitkat has given birth to her beautiful baby girl with her husband Waldy Favia.  

She made the big announcement on social media when she shared a selfie of her with her newborn at the hospital.  

“My life is COMPLETE. Thank you lord for this greatest blessing I praise, trust, honor, and love you oh lord,” she wrote. 

Kitkat also revealed that her first child’s name is Uno Asher B. Favia.  

It was on Valentine’s Day of this year when she announced that she was going to be a mom.  

“We just want to share with all of you our greatest happiness and blessing… Yes!!! We are pregnant!” her Instagram post read. 

In the snap, she flaunted her baby bump which was 15 weeks old at the time.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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