‘Kayo po ang nagpalaki’: Bryanboy reacts to fans’ ire over ‘disrespectful’ remarks on BTS’ V


Bryanboy seemed to have made light of the online backlash he received from the fans of K-pop boy group BTS in a TikTok video.

The Filipino fashion blogger-influencer took to the video-sharing platform on Tuesday, June 28, to address BTS fans, also called ARMYs, after he recently came under fire for allegedly “racist” and “disrespectful” remarks against BTS member V (a.k.a Kim Taehyung).

Fans had accused Bryanboy of supposedly making fun of the K-pop idol’s name and intentionally mispronouncing it. 

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In a video, Bryanboy clarified his mispronunciation of the BTS member’s name, explaining that he was not familiar with most of the names of famous celebrities or personalities.

“Matanda na po ako, wala po akong time manood ng mga telenovela. So hindi ko po kilala yung mga artista or sikat na tao na iniidolo ninyo, hindi naman lahat ‘di ba? Hindi ko kilala lahat,” he said.

“Bakit kailangan niyo pa i-mention yung mga iniidolo ninyo? Edi kayo magpapicture,” he added, referring to his controversial TikTok video which was prompted by a comment asking if he had an encounter with V.

“Actually hindi po ako ang nagpalaki, kayo po ang nagpalaki non,” the fashion blogger also said, stressing that fans were the ones who aggravated the issue and that he only shared the moment of him meeting with Lisa of BLACKPINK.

In another video, Bryanboy also took the comment he would receive “hate” from fans in stride and said that it was normal.

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“Part of life naman talaga to be liked, loved, and to be hated. Normal lang yan. Ifo-focus ko nalang talaga yung attention ko sa mga nagmamahal sa akin,” the fashion blogger said. 

He also noted that of all the pressing issues faced by society today, the young fans instead chose to focus on people mispronouncing their idols’ names.

“It’s not war, it’s not famine, it’s not poverty, it’s not the oceans, ang ikinakagalit ng mga kabataan ngayon. Ganyan lang po kababaw yung nagpapagalit sa inyo, yan po yung reflection ng pagkatao niyo,” Bryanboy remarked. 

Several other TikTok videos were also posted by the fashion blogger addressing the issue.

In one video, Bryanboy shrugged off a netizen’s remark saying that he would issue a “fake apology” after the backlash.  

He also reacted to a netizen’s reaction video to his mispronunciation and questioned their behavior. 

The fashion blogger, who is based overseas, has been in Paris to attend the fashion show organized by a French luxury brand, which also saw BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa in attendance.