Toni Gonzaga releases official cover video of Roar after Marcos proclamation


Toni Gonzaga has released a cover video of Katy Pery’s hit song Roar, which she performed at the campaign sorties of newly proclaimed president-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. 

The actress, TV host, and singer uploaded on her Youtube channel a video of her version of the song hours after the proclamation ceremony on Wednesday. 

Moments before his proclamation, Marcos Jr. introduced Toni to his mother, former first lady Imelda Marcos, describing her as “pitiful” for being scrutinized after openly supporting his presidential candidacy.

“Siya ang nagpeperform… Kawawa ito, binubugbog siya [sa social media] ng mga hindi naniniwala,” Marcos Jr. was quoted saying an ABS-CBN report. 

Toni, along with her husband director Paul Soriano, were present at the proclamation of Marcos’ Jr. and vice-president elect Mayor  as the president and respectively. 

Marcos Jr. Paul and Toni’s wedding godfather, earlier thanked the couple for their joint efforts in his presidential campaign. 

Lyka Nicart
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