LOOK: Fans spot Korean entertainment mogul J.Y. Park in Cebu City


K-pop fans were just as surprised as we are when they spotted J.Y. Park, best known as JYP, the founder of JYP Entertainment in Cebu City. JYP is the talent agency managing the careers of TWICE, ITZY, Stray Kids, 2PM, among others.

On social media, fans said the Korean artist is in Cebu as a speaker for a five-day Bible seminar. 

Other snaps they shared showed JYP speaking at the seminar. 

Fans on Twitter couldn’t help but feel amused and surprised over the unexpected event. 

“So apparently JYP was spotted in Cebu attending a bible study… Does that mean TWICE’s upcoming concept is angel and they’ll be moving to gospel music,” a netizen joked. 

As of writing, JYP has yet to post on social media about his adventures in the Philippines. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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