Kim Chiu rejoices over complete family reunion 


Kim Chiu was more than happy to share snaps of her with her family being finally together again.  

The actress took to social media to gush over the feeling of finally having all her siblings with her. The last time her family was complete, she shared, was when their mother passed away.  

“When we were talking about our younger years.. what life it has been. It helped us become who we are now, from walang matirhan, walang pang tuition, walang pagkain, nag aagawan pa sa ulam, sa damit, sa school things, and lot more!!!!! Looking back nag aasaran kami no na naluluha na natatawa,” she said.  

In the snaps, Kim was all smiles with her dad and siblings during the surprise birthday party back one of her sisters organized in April.  

“I have my best friends, sibs, and people who will love me and support me no matter what,” she ended.  

On a past social media post, Kim shared how happy she was to have her little brother from Canada back home in the Philippines.  

“After 8 long years!!!!!! Finally little bro is back in town!!!!!” she wrote in the caption.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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