Jessy Mendiola promises hubby Luis Manzano she will be in charge of the ‘love department’ 


Jessy Mendiola made a cheeky promise for her hubby Luis Manzano’s 41st birthday. 

The actress penned the sweetest message for the television host, expressing her adoration for her “love of my life”. 

“You are a blessing to all of us, especially to me. Your heart is one of a kind, you would always look out for other before yourself… and that alone is a sign that I married a good man,” she wrote. 

Jessy mentioned that she wished her husband would give himself what he deserved on his special day, adding that he deserved to focus on himself, too. 

“I wish you good health, happiness and peace… Yung love department ako, na bahala dun. I will always love you & protect you, alam mo yan. Basta happy ka lang, masaya na din ako. 

“I love you with all my heart, my partner in everything. Happy birthday, my howhow @luckymanzano,” she said. 

Jessy’s heartfelt post was matched with her and Luis’ adorable snaps from their vacation in Dubai. 

Luis marked his 41st birthday on April 21, Thursday. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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