Jessy Mendiola explains why she and her father live in different countries 


Jessy Mendiola has finally made it clear why she and her Lebanese father have been living in different countries.  

On the actress’ most recent vlog, she gave a quick background on her and her father Roger Tawile’s living arrangements.  

Jessy, who was born in Dubai, revealed that their family had an issue with their visas so they had to come back home to the Philippines.  

“We were not separated because we were fighting. It’s a visa thing, they refused to renew your visas,” her father Roger explained further.  

The father and daughter stressed that their explanation was nothing like the reasons pointed out in other websites.  

Jessy then corrected some of the information about herself that she found online. 

“Yes guys, don’t believe in Wikipedia. I am not half-English. My name’s Jessy not Jessica,” she said.  

When asked if they regretted all the years they spent apart, Roger made it clear that he had only spent time apart from his family to work abroad.  

“We knew that you were working hard. You were sending money for us. You were supporting us. You would always be updated like during my first years of showbiz,” Jessy told her father.  

The 29-year-old also shared her wish for her father. She asked him to come home to the Philippines with her.  

She said: “’Yun talaga wish ko kay Papa na sana umuwi siya sa Pilipinas kasama ko tapos mag-stay na lang siya kasama namin.”  

It was in late March when Jessy excitedly shared that she has finally reunited with her father in Dubai after a few years of being apart.  

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