‘One down, forever to go’: Luis Manzano, Jessy Mendiola celebrate first wedding anniversary 


Celebrity couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola are definitely going strong as they mark their first wedding anniversary.  

The lovebirds took to social media to share the sweetest messages they penned for each other for this relationship milestone.  

“It’s been a year since we got married and my love for you has never been stronger. Thank you for choosing to love me everyday. I will never get tired of watching sunsets with you. I love you, @luckymanzano,” she wrote.  

In the snaps Jessy shared, she and Luis dazzled as they posed at the beach in Boracay.  

Meanwhile, Luis promised his wife a lifetime with him.  

His caption read: “Happy 1st anniversary my wowow! One down, forever to go.” 

Recently, Luis and Jessy both expressed that they are finally ready to be parents. The actress has been sharing her daring “last hurrah” photos before she gets pregnant, while the television host asked his mother Vilma Santos for baby clothes.  


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