Kylie Padilla gets real about being working mom  


While in quarantine, Kylie Padilla couldn’t help but share how much she misses her two boys – Alas and Axl.  

The sentimental mom took to social media to share the realities of being a working mom as she opened up about finding her strength in her kids.  

“Us working moms just have to keep repeating our mantra to ourselves. All our sacrifices are for them. And repeat and repeat. My kids don’t even know the strength they give me when they smile,” she wrote on a social media post.  

Kylie’s empowering message for her fellow working moms was matched with snaps of her on video call with her two sons.  

In another social media post, the actress shared that she’s currently in her fifth or sixth day in quarantine. The snap she shared featured what seemed like a script for her next project.  

Kylie is set to star in GMA’s upcoming sports drama, Bolera.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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