Kylie Padilla pens poem about ‘the snake’ on 30th birthday  


Kylie Padilla spoke about a “snake” in her life story in a lengthy poem she wrote for her 30th birthday.  

The celebrity mom took to social media to share a snippet of a poem she wrote on turning a year older.  

“I can barely admit it to myself, I can no longer be reckless, I can no longer be reckless, I can no longer be running on rebellious fumes, 30 and all I can her in my head is ‘take accountability’ or else I’ll turn into exactly what hurt me,” she wrote.  

Kylie then shared that her affinity for snakes is a reference to herself, not a different person, as some people thought.  

She said: “People think the snake means I’m pertaining to someone else, another woman perhaps who plays a villain in my story. There is no villain, there is just me. The snake is me, shedding old overdue skin. Like I wish I could shed every reckless sin.” 

The Kapuso actress celebrated her 30th birthday on the 25th of January.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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