Luis Manzano reacts to wife Jessy Mendiola’s daring ‘last hurrah’ photos 


Luis Manzano is the most supportive hubby after he shared his wife Jessy Mendiola’s daring cowboy-themed snaps.  

On the photos Luis shared, Jessy was photographed wearing a white two-piece bikini with a cowboy hat and boots to match.  

“Wow naman my wowow,” he shared on a social media post.  

Meanwhile, the actress shared on her social media post that the sexy shoot is her “last hurrah” before she turns 30 in December of this year.  

“It’s been a long time since I had a photo shoot like this. Last hurrah before I turn 30 this year,” she wrote.  

On the same post, she also thanked those who encouraged her to do the shoot, joking that the pics wouldn’t have made it to the gram.  

Luis made headlines recently after he told his mother Vilma Santos that he is ready to become a father and that he would like to be gifted with baby items.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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