Liza Soberano starts podcasting journey for mental health cause


Liza Soberano is now a full-fledged podcaster! The actress has collaborated with mental healthcare company, Mind You, for her very own podcast series.  

The 24-year-old shared that she’s jumpstarting her year with a project way beyond her comfort zone for a good cause that’s near to her heart.  

“Hosting is not something I’m really comfortable with but when @yassipressman introduced me to the people behind @mindyoumhs and I learned about their mission to further develop the mental health landscape of the Philippines, I immediately knew I wanted to be involved,” she wrote on a social media post.  

An Open Mind with Liza Soberano promises unfiltered conversations about mental wellness. On a teaser, even her longtime boyfriend Enrique Gil will join her for an episode.  

“The past two years has really shined some light on the importance of prioritizing our mental wellness. It’s time to have honest, unfiltered conversations – without the stigma,” she said.  

In the pilot episode of her podcast, Yassi Pressman opened up about one of the hardest times in her life – losing her father.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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