Ina Raymundo: ‘I got the Omicron but getting better’


Ina Ramundo shared a “no filter” clip of hers to prove that her condition is getting better after she tested positive for COVID-19.  

The actress shared a short clip of her in bed and sporting a smile.  

Her caption read: “’Coz I got the Omicron but getting better. Just take it easy peeps and thanks to those who prayed & wished me well. Truly appreciate it.” 

Over the weekend, the mom of 5 revealed that her husband and their kids all had the virus. While most of them have recovered, she has recently tested positive.  

“We all got Covid, my husband and 5 kids. Most of them have recovered but I just tested positive today. Ang bait pa rin ni God that I’m the last to get it so I was able to take good care of all of them.  

“Most of my kids were sick for 2 days not more than 3 days. I treated all of them like they have the flu,” she wrote on a past social media post.  

On Monday, the Philippines logged 33,169 COVID-19, the highest record since the pandemic started.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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