Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay share hilarious experience on wedding night


Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay apparently didn’t have all the space and privacy to themselves on their first night as husband and wife. 

The newlyweds burst into laughter as they recalled what transpired the night after they tied the knot on Thursday. 

“Love, you know I love you, right? Imagine, on our wedding day, our wedding night ended where I slept with you and your mom,” said Derek in a video shared on his Instagram story. 

Ellen let out a laugh before responding, “No action.”

“Tita, thank you. I can see my future,” Derek said in jest.

In an Instagram story, Ellen shared a screenshot of her mom’s conversation with Derek, apologising for having to spend the night with them.

No description available.

“So sorry Derek had to sleep in your room on your wedding night LOL the mom in law ohh my God kaloka,”  read Ellen’s mom’s message to Derek. 

Ellen and Derek both took to Instagram on Friday to share snaps of their first day as Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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