Manny Pacquiao says wife Jinkee won’t be ‘imeldific’ as first lady


Presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao is certain that wife Jinkee Pacquiao would not live an extravagant life should she become a first lady. 

“Hindi po. Tinitiyak ko po yan dahil kilala ko po yung asawa ko hindi po siya ganun,”  the boxer-politician was quoted as saying in a GMA report when asked in a virtual forum if Jinkee would be like the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ wife Imelda Marcos who inspired the term “imeldific” to describe her legendary shoe collection and fashion excesses when she was first lady.

Manny also maintained that Jinkee, despite being a former Sarangani vice governor, is not interested in politics. 

“Ang asawa ko po ay mahiyain at hindi po mahilig sa pulitika naging vice governor sa Sarangani tapos isang term lang hindi na po tumakbo kasi kaya lang po naging vice governor yun dahil napilitan lang po siya,” stated Manny. 

He continued, “May problema lang po doon sa mga kasamahan ko nagaway away sa position so ang nilagay ko yung asawa ko in one term tapos hindi na siya tumakbo dahil hindi siya mahilig sa politika.”

According to the boxer-politician, his wife wants to serve the women, especially the poor. 

“Gusto niya po yung pagbibigay ng scholarship, pagbibigay ng housing sa mga pamilya at yung sustainable livelihood.” 

Jinkee previously got criticized online following allegations that she’s showing off her wealth on social media.

Manny, however, defended his wife saying that they don’t have to live less than their means and can use their hard-earned money to their heart’s content.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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