Albie Casiño on Andi Eigenmann: ‘She never apologized’


Albie Casiño has reiterated that Andi Eigenmann never apologized for naming him as the father of her eldest child in the past.  

The actor, who’s currently on a hotel quarantine before he officially joins Pinoy Big Brother’s celebrity edition as a housemate, talked about the past issues involving her ex-girlfriend during a recent live Q and A session with fans on Kumu. 

Last year, Albie made a buzz after responding “Hindi pa”, with crying emojis, to a netizen who asked if Andi already said sorry over the paternal controversy with her firstborn Ellie. 

Albie Casiño reacts to netizen who asked Andi Eigenmann: ‘Nag-sorry ka na ba kay Albie?’

Albie stepped away from showbiz after Andi tagged him as the father of her then unborn daughter in 2011, which the actor denied.

It was only in 2016 when Jake Ejercito, Andi’s ex-boyfriend, was confirmed to be the biological dad of Ellie. 

Andi, however, claimed in reply to a netizen last year that she already reached out to Albie to offer her apologies. 

“Not that I owe you any sort of explanation, but since you’re the only one that has tagged me in this, I actually already have. (You can ask him that too),” she said. 

“You and the rest of the public are not aware, because I never owed you that apology. I owed that to him. You see, it’s one thing not to have given forgiveness. That’s something I can’t control. But it’s also another thing to say otherwise,” she added. 

Albie, however, belied Andi’s claims, recalling a time she sent him a “non-apology” message. 

“She sent me this long ass non-apology. You know what I mean? For people who’ve been in toxic relationships you know what I mean. The non-apologies. They seem like they’re saying sorry but they’re not. She never apologized in the text,” said Albie.

“And then she was saying how I saw her one time in a club and then she referenced that as an apology. And then I just replied to her, I said, ‘LOL, (laughing crying face emoji)’. 

“‘If you’re referring to the time I saw you in Pool club, that wasn’t an apology, bro’. Ginanun ko lang siya. Tapos sabi ko I don’t give an F, like Imma do me. You do you. But, where I’m from, that’s not an apology and you know it.’ Ginanun ko lang siya.

“I wanted to say some other stuff like if you bashed me publicly, the least you could do is apologize publicly right? But nah, I guess it ain’t in her, I guess she ain’t like that. But yeah, I hope she thinks about that at night before she goes to sleep. I’m not even joking,” continued Albie.

Albie also had this to say when asked what he would do if he ever crossed paths with Andi. 

“Wala, dead Madela, deadma. Like I got nothing to say with you bro, you know? And my parents are always telling me, if you got nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. So even if I was next to her in a 24 hour flight, I won’t say a word. Because I got nothing good to say to her. 

He added, “So I’d rather not talk to her. If she tries to talk, I’m just going to look at her like she has poop on her shirt. That’s all I’m going to do. Because I don’t know, man, I was open to giving her a chance to apologize, ‘coz she never did apologize”.

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