Claims of Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend refuted


South Korean news outlet Dispatch went into details about Kim Seon Ho’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, uncovering his side of the story which contradicted her accusations against the actor.

On Tuesday, Dispatch released a timeline of the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha star’s dating history with his former flame, identified as weathercaster-turned-influencer Choi Young Ah, and the events that occurred prior to their breakup and the “forced abortion” controversy.

According to Dispatch, Seon Ho and Young Ah first met in late 2019 and officially became a couple early in March 2020. 

Young ah admitted being a divorcee mid-March which Dispatch said had shocked Seon Ho.

The embattled actor, nevertheless, wanted to carry on with their romance regardless of her past.

“I just want to continue seeing her. This relationship started because I liked who she was. I understand my parents might be worried, but to me, her status as a divorcee doesn’t change anything,” he was quoted in the report as saying in a conversation with an unidentified friend. 

Kim Seon Ho apologizes over ‘carelessness and inconsiderate actions’ towards ex-girlfriend

Dispatch described Young-ah’s claims that she and Seon Ho could hardly date in public as “highly hypocritical”, saying that “they have been on countless dates in Busan, Gapeyong, the zoo, amusement parks, the suburbs, etc.” 

Dispatch also disclosed a conversation of Seon Ho with a friend after the actor broke up with Young-ah in July 2020 due to her recurring lies about hanging out with other men in secret.

“I actually have no problem with her going to clubs and I told her that I’m okay with her hanging out with other men. This is all okay as long as she’s honest with me and texts me when she gets home. But she broke that trust again,” read a part of Seon Ho’s message to his friend.

Young-ah, in a text message, apologized to Seon Ho for the times she allegedly “deceived, lied, and hurt him.”

Dispatch stated that Seon Ho forgave Young-ah after talking to his close acquaintance who advised: “Her apology seems genuine so maybe you should consider forgiving her.”

According to Dispatch, Young-ah’s pregnancy was confirmed on July 24, 2020, and Seon Ho was informed about it.

Contrary to Young-ah’s claims that Seon Ho “coerced” her into getting an abortion, a source told Dispatch that the ex-couple had mutually agreed in terminating the pregnancy.  

“Kim Seon-ho’s immediate response was ‘This is good news’ and congratulated her. But I think there was also a part of him that was scared. They both took the time to think about the sudden change of plans. They both concluded that although, regretfully, it’d be best to abort the baby. That’s when they both confided in me for help,” the source told Dispatch.

Dispatch also questioned Young-ah’s allegation that Seon Ho started treating her differently after getting an abortion and that the actor never introduced her to his parents. 

Seon Ho, albeit not knowing how to cook, reportedly prepared seaweed soup for Young-ah for two weeks after the operation, according to Dispatch’s source.

The Start-Up star also had a chance to introduce Young-ah to his parents and that she even spent a night at their house.

The two continued dating after, but eventually ended their 10-month relationship in May 2021.

On October 17,  an anonymous netizen posted in an online community that she got pregnant with actor “K”’s child but was forced her to have an abortion on the false promise of marriage.

The post has since gone viral, with speculations pointing at Seon Ho as the actor being referred to in the anonymous post.

A few days later, Seon Ho released a statement through his agency Salt Entertainment saying sorry for his carelessness and inconsiderate actions towards his ex-lover.

An acquaintance of Seon Ho, meanwhile, told Dispatch: “Kim Seon-ho tried to reason with her assertions. He remarked ‘Because It’s true that we did abort the baby, and this was once someone I loved.’ He tried his hardest to understand. He didn’t want to argue in the eyes of the public. That’s why rather than refuting her claims, he apologized instead. That’s the kind of person Seon-ho is. The two shared a love and a relationship that was no different from the average relationship. He has never once hid his love or relationship with Ms. Choi. I have seen it all.”

Following the ex-girlfriend scandal, Seon Ho’s career has been left in a limbo as brands withdrew support, while his variety show 2 Days & 1 Night and two movies he was supposed to star in dropped him from the production.

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