Kim Seon Ho apologizes over ‘carelessness and inconsiderate actions’ towards ex-girlfriend


Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha star Kim Seon Ho has said sorry over the controversy involving his ex-girlfriend.

The 35-year-old actor said he would like to “genuinely apologize to her through this statement,” and offered his apologies for “disappointing” fans and “causing trouble” to his co-stars.

Last October 18, Korean news outlets reported that an anonymous woman wrote a post in a Korean online community accusing an unnamed actor of “forcing” her to abort her baby with the promise of marriage.

This led to speculation among Korean netizens that the actor was Kim Seon Ho. His agency, Salt Entertainment, issued a statement the following day, appealing to fans for patience as they were verifying facts.

On October 20, Kim Seon Ho made a formal apology through his agency.

As reported in Korean entertainment website Soompi, Kim Seon Ho’s full statement (as translated in English) read:

“This is Kim Seon Ho. I sincerely apologize for the belated statement. I experienced a fear that felt for the first time after the article with the mention of my name was released a while ago, and that is why I am writing this now.

“I met her with good emotions. In that process, I hurt her due to my carelessness and inconsiderate actions.

“I wanted to meet and apologize to her directly, but I am not able to properly convey the apology now and am waiting for that time to come. For now, I would like to genuinely apologize to her through this statement.

“I apologize for also disappointing all of those who trusted and supported me until the end. It was all thanks to those who supported me that I was able to become the actor Kim Seon Ho, but I had forgotten that. I apologize for causing trouble to my co-stars and all of the related staff who worked with me due to my flaws. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt.

“I am aware that this rambling statement will not fully reach your hearts, but I am still attempting to convey my sincere thoughts. I am very sorry.”

His talent management agency, meanwhile, issued a separate statement also apologizing for causing concern with Kim Seon Ho’s personal matters.

“We would like to apologize to all those who were disappointed and troubled by this issue. Once again, we apologize for worrying you with an unpleasant matter.”

Earlier, brands that the Korean star, whose popularity was fast-rising due to roles in Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, endorsed either deleted or hid their ads and commercials with him.

Korean news outlets also reported that his co-stars in his just-concluded show cancelled interviews in light of the brewing controversy.

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