Alex Gonzaga is the proudest daughter to her vlogger parents


In just 24 hours, Alex Gonzaga’s parents Bonoy and Pinty have already secured a Silver Play Button from YouTube.  

The celebrity vlogger is more than proud of her parents for launching their very own channel on the video-sharing platform on August 21.  

On Instagram, Alex made a special post expressing how proud she was of her vlogger parents.  

“Within 24 hrs ng wala pa sila video meron na sila silver play button! Now they have 230k+ subs!!! Ang galing nyo mga ka maintenance! Sobra masaya sila at tutok and basa sa mga comments niyo,” she wrote.  

Their first video was unexpectedly hilarious as the couple tried their hand at vlogging. As of writing, their six-minute vlog has already collected over 912k views.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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