WATCH: Derek Ramsay gets his ‘revenge’ on Ellen Adarna


Derek Ramsay has finally gotten his “revenge” on fiancée Ellen Adarna after she successfully scared him earlier with a dead cockroach.

The hunk actor decided to pull a lizard or butiki prank on the actress because it turns out, that while Ellen could easily handle cockroaches, she’s terrified of lizards.  

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Derek posted a video showing Ellen moving away from him after pretending to hold a butiki in his hand.

Ellen screamed and shouted out of fear without looking at Derek, only to find out later that it was just a black hair tie.

“Revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!  Alam mo na @arthugreyes,” wrote Derek in the caption tagging the DJ who earlier made a remix out of Ellen’s cockroach scare on her fiancé.

The engaged couple, who are set to wed this year, have been entertaining their followers by candidly sharing moments of their everyday life on their social media.

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Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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