Maureen Wroblewitz reveals why she kept Miss Universe Phl plans a secret



Last month, Maureen Wroblewitz hinted that a “new chapter” of her life was coming. On Monday, Maureen was named a Miss Universe Philippines 2021 delegate. 

Asia’s Next Top Model cycle 5 winner apologized for the “white lies” now that her “secret” of joining the pageantry world is now out.  

“Surprise! I apologize for the white lies. As difficult as it was, I had to keep this a secret,” Maureen said in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“I’ve always considered dipping my toes in pageantry and committing to it when I felt ready,” she added.

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The 23-year-old model said that joining Miss Universe Philippines is a means of coming out of her comfort zone as a model to achieve growth as a person. 

“I would like to say ‘I’m glad I’ve joined’. I’ve learned to stop saying ‘one day’ and instead I say ‘day 1’,” she added.

According to Maureen, she is terrified of what lies ahead in the competition, but her greatest fear is also “living a life of regrets.”

She then thanked all the people who gave her this opportunity to come through and encouraged everyone to dream boldly. 

“You can achieve anything you put your mind to and sometimes if you believe hard enough the Universe will conspire in helping you succeed,” she ended. 

Her post was flooded with well-meaning wishes, congratulatory messages and support. 

Recently crowned Bb. Pilipinas queens Arnold Han and Maureen Montagne expressed their support, too. 

Miss Universe Philippines 2021 has started with 100 delegates, but the numbers will be narrowed down to 50 beauties for the in-person interviews. 

From the 50 delegates, only the Top 30 will become the official candidates will proceed to the coronation night scheduled on September 25. 

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