Skusta Clee, Zeinab Harake call their newborn ‘life changer,’ ‘biggest blessing’


YouTube star Zeinab Harake and rapper-singer Daryl Ruiz, best known as Skusta Clee, are now proud parents to a baby girl named Bia.  

On YouTube, the new father documented the birth of their first child together to his 2.1 million subscribers on the platform.  

The couple made their way to the hospital for their baby’s birth on April 28.  

In the video, Daryl shared how his and Zeinab’s baby girl was his “lifechanger.” 

“Dati ang mga bagay na importante lang sa akin ay pera, kasikatan, bisyo. Hindi nga sumagi sa isip ko na magkaka pamilya pa ko kasi hindi talaga ito yung buhay na nakasanayan ko dati,” he said.  

“Gandang bata, manang-mana sa daddy,” Daryl joked.

On Instagram, the two parents shared photos to mark the birth of their baby girl Bia.  

“Pinaka magandang nangyari sa buong buhay ko,” Daryl wrote as the caption.

The couple, who had an on-and-off relationship, announced that they were expecting a baby back in December with a surprise revelation video on her YouTube channel.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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