WATCH: Anne Curtis saves Erwan Heussaff from ‘kalbo’ challenge


Better luck next time, Bullied Husbands Club! 

Known prankster Nico Bolzico’s #ErwanCalvo challenge was put to a stop when this “angry” wife came in.  

In the funniest video where Erwan Heussaff was supposed to get his hair all shaved off after losing a challenge to his brother-in-law, his wife Anne Curtis stormed in to save him.  

Just when Solenn Heussaff started filming and her husband Nico was about to start the haircut, Anne came in with a stern face and jokingly called out her husband.  

“For reasons we can not disclose, but in order to protect the life of one (or two) of the founders, we have decided unanimously to cancel the #ErwanCalvo challenge,” the Argentinian businessman jokingly wrote in his post.  

Back in Friday, Nico challenged Erwan and vlogger Wil Dasovich to the “real-life filter challenge,” where they had to follow Nico’s footsteps as he sports a new, bald haircut.  

Erwan agreed to the challenge if Nico’s post reached 50,000 comments.  

Netizens rose up to the challenge and flooded Nico’s earliest post with over 56,000 comments calling for Erwan’s shaved head.

Fortunately, Anne came to save the day.


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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