Richard Yap recalls COVID-19 battle, 46-day isolation from family


One year after his COVID-19 battle, Richard Yap was finally ready to share the details from his experience.  

Unknown to the public, the actor tested positive for the virus during the onset of the pandemic in the Philippines in March of last year.  

In a vlog where he recounted his journey, he said he was travelling back and forth from Manila to Cebu, unsure as to how he was infected.  

His first symptoms were cough and fever.

“Itong klaseng fever, ibang klase kasi it’s the kind na your body is so hot. When you wake up pawis na pawis ka at hindi yung ordinary na konting pawis lang as in basa,” he described his symptoms.  

Richard said his test results took some time to be released but he was already sure that what he was experiencing was COVID-19 already.  

“My doctor told me that he was so worried that I wasn’t going to make it because pa-grabe ng pa-grabe yung COVID ko. Buti nalang, sabi nga niya, I was healthy at that time. Hindi ako umabot na kailangan ako ma-intubate kasi pag na-intubate ka talaga, ang hirap ng buhay talaga,” Richard said.

After 10 days in the hospital, the 53-year-old was already doing better but was still advised to isolate since his swab test wasn’t negative yet.  

All in all, it took Richard 46 days before it was safe to reunite with his family once again.  

Now addressing his subscribers, he said: “I just hope and pray that you don’t have to go through this kasi hindi biro talaga ang sakit na ito.” 

Watch his video here: 

On April 19, the Department of Health (DOH) reported 9,628 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of active cases to 141,375.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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